Prevention of dental caries

What is the prevention of dental caries? In previous articles, we talked about what caries is and what threatens this disease. In order to diagnose it in the early stages, it is necessary to visit a dentist once every six months. The sooner this happens, the better, as this is a rapidly progressing phenomenon.

The more neglected the condition, the more difficult and more expensive the treatment process will be. In the very initial stage, it is possible to do without filling by performing a remineralization procedure. In more severe forms, it is necessary to treat the carious cavity with subsequent filling.

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How to determine if you have dental caries yourself? There are several stages of its development.

- Initially, a dark or light spot appears on the surface of the tooth. As a rule, it is not possible to detect it on your own, since the stain does not cause discomfort.

- Superficial caries. Under the mechanical influence of food and thermal factors (cold, hot), gradual destruction of the enamel occurs. A person can feel the roughness on the tooth with their tongue. There may be short-term pain.

- Medium caries. There is a deep destruction. It is possible to see with the naked eye, to feel the deepening. The pain sharply amplifies.

- Deep caries. Significant destruction of hard tissues of the tooth. Any contact with the damaged cavity causes sharp and severe pain.

There are basic preventive measures that prevent the development of the disease:

 - Particular attention should be paid to hygiene - thoroughly brush your teeth after each meal, as food residues form a soft plaque. Use special mouthwashes.

 - Limit the use of sugar-containing foods, as they contain a large amount of carbohydrates that affect the formation of cariogenic flora;

 - Regularly visit a dentist who, in order to prevent caries, can perform a procedure for sealing fissures (chewing surfaces of the tooth).

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Our clinic carries out all types of dental work:

* Prosthetics
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* Whitening
* Orthodontics
* Implantology
* Periodontology
* Surgery

Implantation - In this area, we probably have the greatest success! In our dental clinic, one-stage implantology is performed, which means that we can restore your tooth in just 1 appointment, which means that your suffering will be minimized!

Teeth whitening - Another point that cannot be ignored. Our clinic performs teeth whitening using the latest ZOOM technology! The whitening effect is amazing, the negative effect is minimal!

Veneers - We also use veneers made of high-quality composite materials, thanks to which your smile will bring joy to other people, and your teeth will shine with beauty!

Braces - We install Vestibular braces and Lingual braces. Unfortunately, not many people can boast of a correct bite or even teeth... The specialists of our dental clinic will help you take your rightful place among such people;)

And many other services at the dental office

In our clinic, one-stage implantation is performed! This is a unique way to restore a missing tooth in just one appointment! Isn't it wonderful that now an operation that previously took many hours of suffering is now performed extremely quickly and with minimal trauma? :)

Implantation is a process that requires special attention (as well as all other operations) and is selected strictly individually for each patient, while many factors are taken into account, such as, for example, the presence of concomitant diseases or an insufficient amount of bone tissue (in this case, artificial build-up is performed) , as well as the general condition of the teeth ... The process of "Implantation" itself can be divided into three stages:

First, an implant is installed, the surface of which consists of a special coating that will help it quickly take root.
Then a special cylinder is attached to the implant, which is also the link that connects the implant to the tooth itself.
The prosthesis is attached to the implant.

Implantation is a wonderful way to forget a lost tooth.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has a lot of ways. We carry out teeth whitening with some of them at the discretion of the client:

Home teeth whitening - is that the teeth are lubricated with a special solution (as a rule, individually made mouth guards are used for this purpose, which are worn for several hours every day). Teeth whitening will occur in a period of two to four weeks, the teeth will become much whiter. The main feature of this method is that it does not negatively affect the enamel of the teeth and does not increase their sensitivity (for example, to cold), as is the case with prolonged use of whitening paste.

Office teeth whitening is another whitening method, slightly reminiscent of the previous one, the only difference is that a special gel is applied to the teeth, which contains a large amount of hydrogen peroxide, which, penetrating into the teeth, destroys coloring pigments.

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Veneers and a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is not such a common occurrence :(
Most often, the problem is in the teeth, malocclusion, curvature of some teeth ... But only 10% of people can boast of the absence of these problems. In our clinic, you can install veneers for yourself , and then your teeth will not differ from the ideal teeth of Hollywood actors!

Veneers are an easy step to perfect your teeth!

Installation of braces
An interesting fact remains that only 10% of people on earth have the correct bite and even teeth, but if you are not among these lucky ones, do not worry! Installing braces will help you acquire beauty for your teeth. And do not forget that the wrong bite can cause the development of many diseases of the gums and teeth, the installation of braces is a huge step towards the beauty of your smile.

The installation of braces is divided into 2 types: removable and non-removable types of braces. As a rule, the removable type is used only for the treatment of children under 12 years of age and is convenient in that they can be worn, say, only at night, but non-removable braces will remain on your teeth until the end of the course of treatment. And this, as a rule, sometimes more than a year.

We have been helping our patients to change their attitude to dental treatment for several years. Due to the fact that we use the most advanced technologies in all areas of dentistry, our patients, when they come to us, do not experience all that was once so frightening. No less important is the fact that all procedures are carried out on modern equipment from leading companies in the world. This gives us the opportunity to make visiting the dental office as comfortable, painless and effective as possible.

In our power to cope with any disease of teeth and gums. Therapeutic dentistry, surgical dentistry, orthopedic dentistry, dental implantation, periodontics - all this is applied at the most reasonable prices with us.

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Price list orthodontics
Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention, study and treatment of malocclusion (in other words, improperly positioned teeth).

To date, the possibilities of orthodontics are very high and there are no age restrictions. Both children and adult patients seek orthodontic care.

It is very important to have not only healthy teeth, but also a charming open smile, the owners of which, according to psychologists, are more confident and successful people. This applies to both personal life and work, career.

That's important to know

It is necessary to remember and know about the prevention of diseases of the dentoalveolar system from the very birth of a child. The child is born with the so-called infantile retrogeny (when the lower jaw is located behind the upper). This position of the lower jaw is considered normal, but by the year of the child it should change. This is possible with proper feeding of the baby. Natural (breast) feeding contributes to the proper development of the dentition.

If only artificial feeding is possible for some reason, then the hole in the nipple should not be very large, otherwise the child will not try to suck out the milk, as it will flow to him. Therefore, in such children, the growth of the lower jaw is delayed, and in the future, incorrect closure of the dentition will form.

The next recommendation for parents is to give up the pacifier after the child reaches the age of one. If the bad habit persists, then the so-called open bite will form (in other words, the absence of closing of the teeth in the frontal section). Which entails not only aesthetic, functional disorders, but also a violation of the formation of the jaw bones.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention, study and treatment of malocclusion (in other words, improperly positioned teeth).

It is also very important to know that your child correctly performs the functions of breathing and swallowing. After all, dysfunction is a very important factor in the development of the pathology of the dentoalveolar system. If these harmful factors take place, then the dentist, even with a visual examination, can immediately see and point you to them.

Everyone knows that any disease or pathology is easier to prevent than to treat. Therefore, we recommend visiting an dentist for children at the beginning of the change of teeth (5.5-6 years). This is important, because there are often situations when a child has rather large permanent teeth cut instead of the “small” milk teeth that have fallen out and the jaws on which the teeth are located, for some reason, have not reached the desired size corresponding to the size of the permanent teeth. It is at this moment that the orthodontist with the help of removable plates will be able to prevent a situation where large teeth will erupt according to the laws of nature - along the path of least resistance, usually occupying the wrong position in the dentition.

But if all the milk teeth have been replaced by permanent ones and there is an anomaly of bite (as a rule, patients' complaints are: aesthetic, incorrectly positioned teeth, etc.). In this case, treatment is indicated on a fixed orthodontic technique - the so-called bracket system. Braces are "locks" that are fixed on the teeth. There are braces that are fixed on the outside of the tooth and the inside (lingual or lingual).

They are also different in appearance: metal, aesthetic - ceramic and sapphire. Ceramic and sapphire braces are more expensive than metal braces, but are practically invisible on the teeth. Although, at present, many teenagers choose colored braces to, on the contrary, emphasize their presence on the teeth.

Our dental clinic takes care of your health

The duration of treatment on the bracket system depends on the degree of complexity of the pathology. The frequency of visits to the orthodontist is, on average, 1 time per month (in some cases more often, in some less often according to indications).

A very important moment after the end of active treatment is the retention period (the period of retention of the result of treatment), with the help of retention devices. The choice of this device depends on the pathology that has been eliminated. But patients easily adapt to all retention devices.

If mouth guards are shown, then they are transparent, inconspicuous, tightly adjacent to the teeth. If these are double-maxillary devices, then they are recommended to be worn only at night, and some are shown a fixed retainer, which is invisible and is located on the inner surface of the teeth.

If a slight correction of the position of individual teeth is necessary, then treatment on the bracket system can be avoided by using special 2-layer transparent mouthguards.

By following these recommendations, you and your children will have beautiful and healthy teeth. An attractive smile gives self-confidence - everyone knows that!

Visit the dentist office ( ) twice a year. And then everything will be fine with your teeth!